The Janssen Collection Story

We believe in providing ethical and alternative options for classic and must-have jewelry pieces because we believe every woman deserves a little timeless sparkle.

The Janssen Secret

All Janssen Collection goods are perfectly created with Janssen Eco-Gems™ These created stones are flawlessly radiant, free of all inclusions and natural flaws, and cut to reveal the utmost shine. Practically identical to naturally-sourced diamonds, our brilliant stones are remarkably durable and long-lasting. These are set in sterling silver so you can wear our jewelry day and night without worrying about tarnishing.

Our Promise to You

We pride ourselves in sourcing the best materials and we ensure every stone is carefully evaluated before it is placed in its setting. Crystal-clear, sparkly shine, and perfectly timeless, we know you’ll love Janssen Collection because we do too! Every piece comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Janssen Collection purchase, we will gladly exchange it for you!

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If you are looking for more information on Janssen Collection or need help with your Janssen Collection order then our award winning customer service agents are standing by to assist you!


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