Choose Janssen and Shine a Little Brighter!

Finely-crafted, ethical, and conflict-free Janssen Eco-Gems™ deliver on both quality and good conscience!

Introducing our Signature Necklace featuring a Radiant Solitaire that Dazzles Gracefully from a Delicate Sterling Silver Chain.

Timeless Elegant Choice

Sustainable & Conflict-Free Janssen Eco-Gems™

Adjustable Sterling Silver Chain

Flawless & Pure Every Time

Why Choose Janssen Eco-Gems™?

Janssen Eco-Gems™ are the perfect diamond alternative to fight against conflict diamonds – also known as war diamonds, or blood diamonds. Buy choosing us, you are choosing to fight against the use of diamonds mined in war zones and sold to finance rebel movements and warlords’ activities.

Not only that, but Janssen Eco-Gems™ are engineered in a lab, which leaves zero imprint on the environment, making us the ideal ethical and sustainable choice compared to traditional mined diamonds.

Always Flawless

Rated just as mined diamonds are for cut, color, and clarity, Janssen Eco-Gems™ are visually identical to mined diamonds, yet every stone is completely free of flaws and impurities.

Janssen Eco-Gems™ are extremely durable with a hardness that will cut glass, which promises to last a lifetime of wear.

For Every Occasion

The Janssen Signature Necklace is guaranteed to please and elevate any style. Dress up your simple daywear with a touch of sparkle or radiate without dominating your elegant outfit. This classic piece can be styled in an infinite number of ways to match her personal style – making it the perfect gift that she’ll adore! Make this signature necklace your signature piece.

Perfect Score on the “4-C’s” – Flawless Every Time!

Our stones grade perfectly and check every box of the “4 C’s”
that every gemologist knows by heart.


All our stones are cut to a round brilliant shape to reveal the most radiant and utmost shine.


All our stones have the utmost sparkle and are free of flaws and imperfections normally found in mined diamonds. This means our stones have the same D-grade as diamonds do!


You don’t have to skimp on the carat size. When science meets art, you can pay up to 70% less and rock a bigger stone!


Every diamond sold on the world market is chosen for clear, white, luminescent color. Every single stone of ours is white, sparkling, and gorgeous.

Angela Thompson

I was looking for a simple and elegant necklace that can be dressed up or suitable for everyday wear. This is perfect! Great length, I love that it’s adjustable to fit with different neck lines. The stud never flipped over and moved. I love this necklace and feel so proud to be rocking an eco-friendly choice!

Stacy Garcia

Such a beautiful piece. The sparkle is so pretty and the stone is perfectly size, not too over the top but big enough to catch the eye. I’m very happy with this purchase!

Kathryn Barnes

This necklace looks so delicate and sparkly. I’ve worn it every day for the past 6 months without any problems. I love that it goes with any look, so much that I ordered one for every one of my bridesmaids and they all loved it!



When you buy a Signature Necklace from us today, you are contributing to a good cause!

A portion of net proceeds will be donated to ‘Diamonds Do Good’ to further education for youth in diamond-producing nations.

We stand to protect human rights and the environment by presenting an alternative to our customers in hopes that they will stand with us in solidarity while looking radiantly empowered.