Angel Wings Necklace

Wear your love and her angel wings near your heart with the Angel Wings Necklace commemorating mom.

Angel Wings Necklace
  • Each item is Handmade and will take 3-5 days to make
  • Comes in Gift Box
  • Fastens with Lobster Clamp

Angel Wings

  • Caring for our jewelry is simple, as the metals don't easily tarnish. Here are some basic tips:
  • If the item becomes dirty or tarnishes in some way, clean it using plain soap and water - drying with a soft cloth.
  • Before storing the item, make sure it's fully dry and is not stored in a moist environment.
  • When storing, avoid storing it mixed amongst other jewelry, as the tarnish on those pieces may spread and damage the item.
  • While wearing, avoid exposure to chemicals (including cleaning agents), and avoid wearing in environments where the item may be knocked.
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